903ATS coordinates Cadet Air Experience (CAE) and Pilot Experience (PEX) days for the AAFC. These are an opportunity for cadets to undertake introductory training flights in powered aircraft or gliders. The activities are coordinated by the wing, funded completely by the Commonwealth and the activity is approved by 903ATS along with the normal approval process.

Cadets will participate in a pre-flight briefing with qualified flying instructors prior to a flight that enables the cadet to take the controls as part of a structured flying lesson.

To check when your squadron has been allocated a CAE/PEX day please contact your wing.

Squadron participating in CAE/PEX Days must ensure that the following items are presented on the day;

1. Consent form for each cadet participating.

2. Powered and Gliding: All cadets must bring a fully complete AAFC Medical Declaration – no form no fly!

3. The participating SQN must also complete the PEX Flight Sheet during the activity and submit it to CO 903ATS via email  at the completion of the activity.

4. The participating SQN must also have a printed copy of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP2018) for the location on hand before arriving at the airfield and always whilst they are on the airfield.

5. The participating SQN may use the following documents to aid in their planning of the weekend.

Note: any facility specific information can be advised by 903ATS if the squadron staff are unfamiliar with the facility.

6. Other standard activity items are the sole responsibility of the participating SQN’s such as First Aid Kits, transport, meals, Action Management Plans and the general duty of care outside of the cockpit and off the tarmac or airfield.

Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page for further questions and details.