Application – Gliding


1. Check course dates and ensure you are available to attend.

2. Apply for the course via the online form.
Note: All applicants will be required to complete the AAFC Medical Declaration and upload to the form.

3. Await notification. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be contacted via email. Notification will be provided within 14 days of applications closing.

Successful Applications:

4. Successful applicants will be required to complete GFA and medical paperwork. Guidance for this will be provided via email.

Cadets attending their first course will be required to complete the GFA Introductory Membership.
Cadets attending their second course will be required to complete the GFA 12-Month Membership.

5. All students will be invoiced as outlined on the Gliding – Prices page. Invoices must be paid within 7 days.

6. All successful applicants will be manually nominated through CadetNet for the activity. You will be required to accept this nomination through the CadetNet workflow system.

7. Travel arrangements will be produced and distributed by 3 Wing Headquarters. Standard travel arrangements are by train from Sydney Central to Lithgow where the course will commence. Students living outside the Sydney Area will have travel arranged (e.g. Flights and/or busses to Sydney).

8. Basics are to study the Pre-Course Learning Package prior to arrival on course.

9. Attend the gliding course. Remember to bring copies of Medical Declaration or other approved medicals.